Simple / cheap USB gamepad ?

  Dragon_Heart 00:49 10 Oct 2008

I am after a simple / cheap USB gamepad for our son's Vista laptop ......

..... any suggestions ?

One like the Playstation 2 would be ideal.

  JPJBozo 13:09 10 Oct 2008

I bought an XFX which I use on my PC, and shouldnt be a problem on a Laptop. The cost some time ago was about £12. I bought this one instead of others on the market because I can programme it i.e. all the buttons can be preprogrammed to the corresponding keyboard controls which normally have to be used on a PC/Laptop.

  Dragon_Heart 23:00 10 Oct 2008

Is that the XFX XGear dual reflex ?

Can get one from ECLIPSE Computers for about £9.50 plus p & p

Thanks for info

  JPJBozo 16:27 22 Oct 2008

Apologies for the delay in replying to your post. I can normally only get on the forum from work in the day as the PC at home is usually being used for homework etc. I will look it up tonight and tell the kids its my turn and reply again.

I think it is the dual reflex, but will check tonight.

As a matter of interest try looking on the Games forum as I noticed someone else looking at Controllers, when I was trying to see thios thread.

  JPJBozo 14:09 23 Oct 2008

Yes its the same one 'dual reflex'. Just takes a bit of thought when programming keys so that you have the opportunity to have controls where you want them not what comes as standard on other Controllers. You can also keep a different profile for each game, and I think it comes in a wireles version as well. Anyway hope this helps. As you can gether I was out manouvered over my use ofthe PC last night.

  Dragon_Heart 01:44 25 Oct 2008

...... as I type :-)

Thanks for the help 'JPJBozo'

Two bits of advise :-

Get the kids or yourself another PC if you can afford ( bet if you get a new one they will let you use 'old' one )

When they grow up and leave home go round to their house and 'hog' their PC :-)

Take care

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