a simple calendar

  reddwarfcrew 10:38 25 May 2003

can anyone recommend a simple 'free' calendar/reminder that appears on boot up so I can see upcoming events. Doesn't have to be fancy, but XP compatable.

I did have calendarmaker by Brian Curtin, but XP doesn't like it.


  Dr. Charles 10:59 25 May 2003

You should have a calender with XP and also if you run yahoo or hotmail there are free calenders and organisers on those. Maybe just look with a bit more care?



  Djohn 11:09 25 May 2003

is correct, XP has a calendar, start/all programs/accessories/calendar.

This allows you to set dates/appointments, and reminders. Make a shortcut to the desktop, then you can access it at any time, or minimise to taskbar and leave running. Regards. J.

  doorman 11:51 25 May 2003

I don't appear to have a calendar listed on my XP machines under, start/all programs/accessories/calendar. where can I find it ?


Have you had a look through this lot ?

click here

  reddwarfcrew 12:16 25 May 2003

I didn't see the big sign on front of my PC saying XP now has a calander built in :-) Anyway, no calendar in my accessories so it must be an add in on the XP disc which doesn't ship with the PC. Doesn't the hotmail calendar require you being connected to the internet, which is why i don't use it.

Doorman - yeah I've had a look there and did a search, but the ones I found only say win98 not xp.

Was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations. I'll continue my trawl thru download.com.

calenz, a bit of a memory hog but freeform skinnable click here

ps i cant find a built in calender either.

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