Simple (budget) networking

  Tim1964 00:53 24 Nov 2004

I currently connect my PC to an NTL broadband modem via a NIC card and cable. If I set up a second PC and plug one of these click here into EACH machine will that give me a 'cheap and cheerful' network with BB sharing capabilities?

The 'host' PC is always on, well nearly, so the other PC will not need to access the net independently.


  TomJerry 01:00 24 Nov 2004

more than that better to get a wireless router D-Link 11mbps Access Point W/1 10/100 Lan Port + 64/128wep click here you only need £16 more for your setup

  Tim1964 01:09 24 Nov 2004

Thanks for the reply,

Both of the machines are 'old clunkers' and on their last legs, so I'm looking at spending the minimum.

Something to add to the Christmas list :)

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