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  stroudgreen 19:25 27 Jan 2008

Recently I've been posting a lot for advice on where to buy a new computer from, receiving excellent feedback from various people on the forum. My situation has changed, however! My girlfriend's mother is buying herself a new system, and is giving me her old one, an HP machine a couple of years old (I'm afraid I don't have any real knowledge of what spec the system is, sorry!). I was considering taking out the guts and putting in a new motherboard and RAM, CPU, graphics card and possibly PSU to turn it into a computer that could handle the odd game.

I'd planned to buy the components online to save money, then pay to get an expert to put it all in for me. Wilson's thread, however, has made me doubt myself a little. Is it a reasonable plan or will I face difficulties in updating an older machine?

(for those interested, I'm hoping to use a Core 2 Duo CPU of 3.00 Ghz - with the Wolfdale version being cheap on overclockers; an NVIDIA 8600GT - again a compromise between performance and resources, and 2 gig of RAM. I have little knowledge of motherboards so if I embark on this project I'll be calling on the forum for advice!)

Thanks, and apologies for the huge post!

  cream. 20:37 27 Jan 2008

What is the model numbers of the HP machine?

Lets see what it can take first.

  stroudgreen 13:07 28 Jan 2008

That's going to have to wait for a while until I actually receive the machine I'm afraid.

I guess the question I'm really asking is whether it's feasible to do this, or if I should just take advantage of the free screen/keyboard/mouse and put together a new base unit to go with them - and dispense with the old hp box?

  Meshuga 15:13 28 Jan 2008

Not much use asking for advice for a machine you haven`t yet got and therefore can`t answer questions that are put to you. Suggest you wait until you have it to hand and then repeat your thread.

  Totally-braindead 15:43 28 Jan 2008

You don't have the PC yet but what you propose, new board and processor etc won't save you much money. It really depends on what you can save off the old PC as to whether its viable. Using the old case isn't going to save you anything really.

You would need a new copy of windows for a start if you decided to do this.

Wait and see, if the old PC is only a couple of years old it might be not too bad speed wise and you might find its good enough as is.

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