SIM Card 'Privacy'

  Fateful Shadow 22:13 25 Sep 2004

I have a phone which I'm considering selling w/SIM card included. If I delete all the numbers/messages stored on there, will they be gone for good, or is there a chance that the next person could retrieve the information?

I know, I'm trying to be ultra-private, but it is something I've wondered about before :-P

  JonnyTub 22:15 25 Sep 2004

don't know of any sim card number recovery software or why anyone would want to bother, i think your safe but wait for other's opinion as per usual

  kev.Ifty 22:18 25 Sep 2004
  JonnyTub 22:22 25 Sep 2004

amazes me, even in this day and age, good link kev

  Simon_P 23:47 25 Sep 2004

Frankly I don’t see anyone going to the trouble of retrieving data from a sim card under normal circumstances. But if it is of concern sell the phone without sim card or get a new one to sell with it, they are cheap enough.

Not to through a spanner in the works but don’t forget the phone memory (if it has onboard memory!) I bought what was supposedly a new phone to find the phone memory full of numbers and diary entries. (it went straight back)

  Dorsai 00:12 26 Sep 2004

I cant see the problem, really, unless you are in the FBI or some such.

In which case, you would incinerate the phone (inc Sim card), and not sell it, and not worry about the cost, coz it was not yours to start with.

Why would some other person really want Aunt Maud's phone number? and once they got it, whould they want it?

Well, if really worried, just buy a 2Kilo lump hammer, and make the phone look like a pizza. Probvlem solved.

Smash Smash Thump.

  kev.Ifty 00:26 26 Sep 2004

A good question from Fateful Shadow.

Just shows how one can't take security for granted. I don't think a SIM Card is a major worry though. But what was that TV Show were they had to EAT the secret message after reading it....did they know something we don't?


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