SIM Card Help needed

  shaq01 21:52 22 Dec 2004

I'm on the Orange network and have just upgraded my phone. The new phone is not compatible with the car kit.

I would like to have a copy of my SIM card so that I can use it in my carphone, without having to transfer the SIM card everytime I get out of the car.

Can anyone advise if it is technically possible to get a copy of my SIM card. Orange say they don't offer this service. I find it hard to believe that it isn't possible especially as Vodaphone do offer a dual SIM on some tariffs.

Any help would be appreciated.

  JoeC 22:04 22 Dec 2004

something in the shops recently - perhaps PC World. It was a SIM card memory "storer" of some description. You put your SIM card in and it transferred the details to the "storer". Perhaps it might work the other way too ? Worth a look.

  wjrt 22:08 22 Dec 2004

click here

  JoeC 22:11 22 Dec 2004

The very same !

  kev.Ifty 22:16 22 Dec 2004

One that connects to your PC

click here

  pharte 22:40 22 Dec 2004

carphone warehouse advertised that they would cpoy and keep your phone book for you......ring 'em to see if they still do it

  vitrocmax 22:51 22 Dec 2004

There's a SIM copier in Next stores with all the Christmas 'boys toys' at £6.99, and it will backup from one card and restore to another.

CPW will do the job for you, as pharte mentions.

However, it appears that what you are asking for is an exact SIM copy, not just of the stored numbers but the suscriber details as well, so that you have two phones sharing one connection ; I'm sure that is not technically possible. For example, which one would ring if you ware called?

The networks will allow 2 mobiles to share a bill, which is what you will need to do but I don't think it's what you want.

A new car kit may be the answer. You may be able to change the cradle and keep the same base unit.

  sicknote 01:23 23 Dec 2004

I agree with vitrocmax what you are asking is to clone a sim card i don't think that is possible.You could try these sites as they may have adaptors for your fone. it would help if we knew what fone's/handsfree kit you have as we might be able to suggest something more

click here

click here

  shaq01 19:02 23 Dec 2004

Thanks for the advice. I have a Nokia 6310i car kit and the new phone is a Motorola V3. Cost of a new car kit is approx £800 although there is not yet one available. SIM card clone is what I need I guess.

  sicknote 21:40 23 Dec 2004

Is this kit any help

click here

  Irishman 22:03 23 Dec 2004

What you need is a "one number service" where all calls to that number go to whichever phone you specify at different times of the day. Unfortunately I can't remember which companies do this, hopefully somebody else will know.

Vodafone's dual sim is where another sim card is added to an account although with a different number. It's for the wife/partner to use.

What about a bluetooth headset or in car kit, then it won't matter which phone you use. I use a headset and it works brilliantly.

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