sil_ver re Looking Up

  muddypaws 13:52 21 Apr 2011

You can no longer use inverted commas anywhere. It blocks the thred and you will get no replies.

  muddypaws 13:53 21 Apr 2011


  woodchip 13:53 21 Apr 2011

Also it does not like the dash in is Nickname

  muddypaws 14:59 21 Apr 2011

So that means anyone with a dash or hyphen has to change their user name?! Something else to be sorted then. Worked alright before!

  woodchip 15:08 21 Apr 2011

Threw up a Error when I copy pasted is name into the thread title

  sil_ver 15:39 21 Apr 2011

Well I'm not changing anything after all these years so Byebye PCA I'll go elsewhere.

  silver78 17:03 21 Apr 2011

Ah well. Perhaps I was a little hasty so have modified things. I don't see any way to edit a post or is that another 'feature'?

  DJ-Garry 17:06 21 Apr 2011

wtf is PCA on? People come here for simple solutions to seemingly complicated questions, and now all you get is errors thrown back at you whenever you try to post or help and answer someone's query. Get your act together PCA and relax the grammatical rigidity the new look forum has got, and also, the converting of hyperlinks was much better the old way too.

Why the hell change and totally mess up something that was not broken in the first place? ....... Jeeeezzz !!

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