A Silly Question thats Driving me NUTS!!!!

  Lozzy 11:02 27 Jun 2004

On a laptop for additional functionality you have the blue Fn key which I use often. However my issue which is beginning to drive me crackers is this. It has locked on. So the keys now are reversed. I need to press the Fn key to use the alpha Fn keys. I have tried every combination to get it turned off, Ctrl&Fn with all the F'keys oops, (Mr FE I am not being rude) on their own as well as with the Fn key. Nada Nowt Does anyone know how?? or any suggestions.

Laptop - Vaio GRT360 Win XP Pro Key set to UK not USA


  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:05 27 Jun 2004

System restore?


  livewire 11:05 27 Jun 2004

Have you checked the accessibillty options in control pannel? Im thinking of Sticky Keys...

  sicknote 11:10 27 Jun 2004

Try setting it to usa keys !!

  sicknote 11:10 27 Jun 2004

Try setting it to usa keys !!

  Lozzy 11:12 27 Jun 2004


Thanks tried that no use.

livewire Thanks

I thought of that too, I cleaned the key board using a can of compressed air and also checked the settings every where.

  Lozzy 11:14 27 Jun 2004


Tried that Nope!!!

Its driving me NUTS!!!! :)

  livewire 11:18 27 Jun 2004

No chance the Laptop is under warranty?

  Lozzy 11:22 27 Jun 2004


Yes the laptop is brand spanking new, but I hate to have things beat me and the shop where I bought it is closed today. Making a visit tomorrow if I cannot sort it.

Thanks for everyones input but I cannot be the only person this has happened too.

  livewire 11:25 27 Jun 2004

Could be a mechanical connection fault- let the manufacturer sort this out for you :)

Who is the manufacturer by the way?

  Lozzy 11:32 27 Jun 2004


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