Silly Question but irritating me! Opening shortcut

  [email protected] 11:13 27 Jan 2005

I have a short cut on my desk top to my "remote" mailbox. Every time I click to open it, it opens as long as my screen but I only a few cms wide, which means I have to click to restore it to full size (width ways). Has it got set to do this? If so how can I change it so that it opens full size- silly and unimportant I know but it is really annoying me :(

  johnnyrocker 11:18 27 Jan 2005

try opening it then drag sides/top tp fit then close with alt F4 and see what happens when you re open.


  [email protected] 11:22 27 Jan 2005

It didn't close with F4 (opened a new one!) or F6 but when I closed using the X and then reopened it was back to normal size- you are a genius! (What did I do and why did it work?)

  johnnyrocker 11:24 27 Jan 2005

it should have closed pressing alt F4 simultaneously (using the x worked in this case but not always) possible cause is that at some stage pc was shut down with that particular window minimised.


  Chezdez 12:45 27 Jan 2005

just one of those things, all windows seem to do it. if you close it, it will often reopen at the same size as when it was closed, only repeatdly maximising it, and closing it maximised, seem to solve this

i'm sure there will be something in the registry that you can alter, so that it always opens maximised, or at whatever size you want i should imagine

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