silly question on downloading and syrfing

  jospar 11:28 06 Jun 2003

I know that this is a silly question, and really all I have to do is try it.

I'm about to go on a mammoth download, Linux

when I've been looking through the different forums, some when inquiring have said that I'm downloading now?

so can you surf the net after you started a down load?

or are they all using another connection?

sometime you don't know unless you ask!

  OneSirKnight 11:32 06 Jun 2003

Yes you can,you can minimize the download window to your taskbar,and you will see a notification when download is complete,

  Belatucadrus 11:43 06 Jun 2003

The answer is yes, but if you're on dial up the surfing is going to be slow. The download will hog much of the available bandwidth. Unless you use a download manager like Download express click here where the download speed can be set to "background". This gives reasonable browsing, but the download takes for ever.

  powerless 19:39 06 Jun 2003

Well if your on 56K expect a download of about 4KB/s (give or take).

Should take one whole day to download. No point in even trying to surf as you can get married, kids, grandchildren bofore the page loads.

Best to get the CD. There cheap to and when you are downloaing the Linux files something could go wrong which means a duff download and abuggered file. Have to start all again.

Broadband, leave it overnight. Surfing will be slower but its possible.

You can downlaod mulitple files and explore many web pages.

  jospar 19:58 06 Jun 2003


I knew it was a silly question but!

Balatucadrus, not a bad download manager, manged one download of 650mb in just over three hours, how quick it is going to be now, I shall see.

By the sound of things sounds like Linux might keep me occupied for ages, I've been told, his foot has gone down, I'm not allowed to spend any more on my computer until after our holiday, that why I decided to download, luckly I do have broad band.

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