Silly question about scandisc

  geoff47 00:16 21 Mar 2003

Maybe silly but....if you run scandisc and for some reason you stop it...has it done half the job?
Reason for asking?
If you start it and for some reason have to leave the house/go to bed/have a domestic crisis...and it has to be stopped,will it be half done next time you start it? Is it like tidying the garden,i.e. do a bit every day,end of the week its done?
Only got a small garden.

  Megatyte 00:24 21 Mar 2003

No. Next time you start it the disk will be completely re-analyzed.


  Djohn 00:25 21 Mar 2003

Good morning, I think the garden in your PC will need to be weeded in one go, if you stop and then switch off your PC, you will need to start again.

And it's not a silly question, It's one I've never thought about before, but I think my answer is correct, If not, then someone will be able to help both of us with the gardening! :o)

  Cordy13 00:47 21 Mar 2003

I have the feeling that your garden will be 'restored' to its 'unweeded' state if you stop before completion.

  geoff47 00:48 21 Mar 2003

Reason I asked was the fact that I started to scan and then had to go out in a hurry...closed down day started again...something else prevented me finishing.So I just thought well I have done a little bit...can do the rest tomorrow.
So I will have to put aside 5 hours one day.
Only joking I hope....but it always take longer than you think,doesnt it?
Thanks,feared that was the answer.

  Cordy13 01:06 21 Mar 2003

Why not just leave it running? if you have av and Firewall, or unless you are paying by the minute?

  Megatyte 01:13 21 Mar 2003

Paying by the minute?? For scandisk???. I hope not....;-)


  geoff47 01:21 21 Mar 2003

Think that one is solved?
By the mniute?
Thanks all

  Cordy13 11:37 21 Mar 2003

Well, if it's not connected to the Internet why switch it off!!

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