silly question?

  chrissy1 21:57 11 Jul 2007

a friend of mine has a laptop and she hasnt got a clue about anything....she does not have internet at home as not long moved so she does it from a neighbours house....surely she must have an isp of her own...ive asked her who shes with and she doesnt have a clue!!!when she on instant messenger with me she keeps going offline..just wondered why?....if she came round to mine wld it be wise to let her connect thru my phoneline?dont want anything getting onto my system if she has rubbish on on a bt hub.

  dan* 23:38 11 Jul 2007

I would say that you friends laptop has a wireless adapter built into the machine and you neighbour has a wireless router that is not encrypted ( locked ). So if she clicks on the internet she connects straight away. This would require no internet povider on her laptop. The internet provider would be your neighbours.

You on the otherhand will probably have your hub encypted so no roving laptops could connect with out a pass key.

It would be well to inform your neighbour to secure the network so no one could steal or gain access to the network.

  Jackcoms 11:48 12 Jul 2007

Given that your friend "hasnt got a clue about anything" what anti-virus and anti-malware protection does she have on her laptop?

If any???

  chrissy1 12:26 12 Jul 2007

Her brother set it up for her who she only sees now and again.....i asked her what she had on..again she doesnt have a clue..except that she does have some protection.

I dont know anything about laptops and worried that she may want to plug into system when she comes round....wants me to show her some basic stuff..i dont even know what a pass key think i will just show her some basic stuff on my computer only.

  chrissy1 12:27 12 Jul 2007

I think her neighbour has to tap in numbers for her to go onto her system.

  chrissy1 12:29 12 Jul 2007

I just wondered if she did go through my system..could any rubbish on her laptop affect my system too??

  Jackcoms 13:02 12 Jul 2007

What do you mean by "go through my system"?

If you means that she simply uses your telephone socket to connect her laptop to the internet that will be OK (but you will have to load your ISP's settings on to her laptop first).

As long as you don't physically connect her laptop to your PC/laptop, you'll be fine.

  chrissy1 15:27 12 Jul 2007

thanks for the not going to let her though.....

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