Silly problem in OE6!!

  TonyV 16:41 27 Nov 2008

I have a few accounts that are live in OE6 operating under XP SP3. The system works fine, but when I get an e mail addressed to me and I go to reply to that message, the senders address is not mine but my wifes. (Her initial is one before mine.) How to I get the system to reply from the recipient of the e mail rather than another account? My address is the default address in OE6.



  BT 16:51 27 Nov 2008

I assume that you and your wife do not have separate users on XP, and are using the same one with different email addresses. When you 'Create' or 'Reply' if you click on the down arrow on the right hand side of the 'From' box it should give you a list of all the email accounts on the computer and you just choose the one you want.

  woodchip 16:51 27 Nov 2008

You should be able to choose sender when you click Reply As it should show sender at the top

  Rahere 16:53 27 Nov 2008

if there is more than one account then you need to choose which account to send it from using the down arrow on the top right of the OE window.

To avoid this you could create seperate user accounts in Windows in the future - keeps everything separate that way!

  Rahere 16:53 27 Nov 2008

well dome BT and woodchip

  TonyV 16:59 27 Nov 2008

I have 4 accounts in OE6, two for my wife and I via BT and two via PlusNet. From what I recall, when I used to have only BT, there was never a problem and whenever I replied to a message, it always came up with my name as the new sender. Since changing to PlusNet, it appears to have gone pear shaped! I actually have to correct it each time now to put my name as the sender, it's just a bit of a fag to remember to do that each time. And yes, I am the only one with an account in Windows since there seems little point in creating another for my wife who hardly ever uses it these days.



  TonyV 17:01 27 Nov 2008

That doesn't make sense, what I mean is that we have two accounts each, 1 each with BT and Plus Net.


  TonyV 17:04 27 Nov 2008

Incidentally BT, when I "Create" it always comes up with my address as the sender since I am nominated as the Default Account. I do not have to pick up a sender address.



  BT 17:36 27 Nov 2008

Who are we to question the vagaries of the inner workings of Windows. I can see the sense of the Default user coming up in Create Mail but the other one??? Probably something to do with the alphabetical order of your names or something ;-)

  TonyV 19:10 27 Nov 2008

Hence my reason for saying my wife's initial is before mine!


  TonyV 19:25 27 Nov 2008

As a matter of interest, I have just been playing around with the e mail addresses, and no matter how I change them to put my initials first, it still comes up with my wife's name first on replies! As you say, the vagaries of the Windows OS! I will have to remember to change any replies to my address. Though thinking about it, it makes a nonsense of having a default address nominated because it sure as hell does not do what it is supposed to.

Thanks for your comments.


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