silly mistake in pc build? or not?

  Rennaissance 17:27 10 Mar 2004

Hello, On my previous pc build there was no problem at all. Now i done another build today and the gold connectors that were meant to be put on the case for the mother board to be screwed on was not put on. I didnt put them on in my previous build either which worked fine. So i build my pc today exactly how i done it last time. Plugged it in, pressed the power switch and nothing. The flourescent light just flashed once and nothing happens. I ask some technicians to have a look and i seem to have screwed the mother board onto the case itself, which when the power was pressed it generated electricity through the whole of the case which could have shorted out the mother board. What do you guys and gals out there think? It worked fine with m y previous build, so i told them that but they said it was just a lucky chance or some rubbish like that.

Hey maybe it was my problem and that was the reason, but i dont get it why it worked in my previous machine without the gold connectors. Help if you can.

  LastChip 17:49 10 Mar 2004

You must mount the motherboard on Stand-Offs. These are either brass (most common) or plastic. If you failed to use these, I suspect you have probably damaged your motherboard.

"but they said it was just a lucky chance or some rubbish like that"

Hardly rubbish, I suspect they were very accurate.

  Rennaissance 17:55 10 Mar 2004

as i had feared. So lets say the mother board is damaged, i get a replacement, do you think there is any chance the cpu or something might have been damaged also?

  bananaslik 17:56 10 Mar 2004

hi Rennaissance,a friend of mine did the exact same thing & unfortunately he blew the mobo.i hope it isn't your mobo but i think it is highly likely.

  bananaslik 17:57 10 Mar 2004

no i don't think it will have harmed the cpu it generally just damages the mobo

  Rennaissance 17:58 10 Mar 2004

thanks bana slik, luckily the cpu shouldnt be damaged. I will have to fork out £40 for another mobo.

  bananaslik 18:00 10 Mar 2004

yes it's easily done,as i said my friend did the same thing but his cpu & everything else was ok.
good luck

  Rennaissance 18:02 10 Mar 2004

one last question. Blow mobo right, so i take off the heatsink and fan and cpu and put it into the new mobo, can i reuse the thermal pad on the heatsink as it had only been on for about an hour.

  LastChip 18:03 10 Mar 2004

It depends on what shorted and the chain of events that followed. Bare in mind, this chain of events I am referring to, happens in milli-seconds. In the worse case scenario, it could have damaged everything, but you will only find out by trial and error.

Try remounting the motherboard correctly first and then see what happens. If you VERY LUCKY, the whole thing may have triggered a shutdown with minimal damage, but I wouldn't hold your breath!

May I tactfully suggest to, you now take some time to read how to assemble a computer correctly before you proceed.

  LastChip 18:04 10 Mar 2004

DO NOT try and re-use that pad.

  Indigo 1 18:06 10 Mar 2004

You could try to return the mobo to the dealer saying it won't work and ask for a replacement, it's still under guarantee right ?

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