Silly broadband questions

  Creditman 23:48 09 Jun 2004

My brother is moving house & wants Broadband. (1)Assuming B/B facility is available from BT can he use it without any additional cabling or equipment (apart from a modem)?.(2) Does he have to use BT as his provider (still using BT line) ? (3) Regardless of which ISP is it possible to use B/B connexion at same time as using phone ?(4) NTL have laid cable in his area - how would this differ from the underground BT line? (5) He thought you needed an additional line to receive B/B. All very basic but.....

  Tim1964 23:51 09 Jun 2004

Yes-No-Yes-Bit faster(soon to be 750K)-No

  kev.Ifty 00:01 10 Jun 2004

I have a BT line am with wanadoo and can use me phone, you do need microfilters but wanadoo supply them. click here

Cheers Kev

  hugh-265156 00:04 10 Jun 2004

1.broadband through the phone line regardless of provider will need a modem and filters for each of the phone/s. can use other isp`s with a bt line.


4.ntl use a coax cable to a modem or set top box and its not from the phone line box.

  Eastender 00:24 10 Jun 2004

You may find this site helpful click here

  Creditman 11:49 10 Jun 2004

Thanks guys for all your help. One final question - assuming both ASDL & cable broadband are available in your area, how do you decide which to go for ?

  Steven135 12:00 10 Jun 2004

I have been using Telewest Broadband for years now and find it excellent in my view it is much simpler to set up than ADSL. My daughter is on ADSL and we had great problems setting it up but she was using AOL she has now switched to Wanadoo with no problems although there is a limit on the amount she is able to download.

Personally I would always go for the cable option if available but then we do tend to recommend what we know

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