silent hill 2 - I'm stuck

  pookie 08:54 10 Apr 2003


I'm at the hotel (after you've paddled the boat across the lake). This is near the end of the game. I've got to the part were you go into a lift and an alarm rings indicating that you're too heavy for the lift. I know you have to get rid of all items that you're holding but how do you do that? I've tried un-equipping everything and I can't see anywhere beside the lift that gives you the 'yes' 'no' option you sometimes see eg do you want to jump down the hole yes/no.

Any ideas how I put down my items?



  cracker23 10:46 10 Apr 2003

I've played this game,but on the PS2.Cant remember exactly but is there a shelf unit near the lift entrance? I'm sure you put all items in this before going into the lift.Hope this helps-it's a brilliant game

  MartinT-B 11:01 10 Apr 2003

I am in severe danger of becoming a TROLL!

Why don't you go google and type in "Silent Hill 2" + Forums??? Use the " " so Google only searches for the Phrase and not Silent, Hill and 2 as separate words.

There are a ton of them devoted to the game.

click here

  pookie 13:07 10 Apr 2003

thanks guys - all sorted. Apparently there is a yes/no option - I must not have seen it.


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