Signing on To Hotmail

  kaz85 12:33 23 Apr 2006

Hi, Since i got my laptop and internet i have always been able to sign onto msn hotmail. Since Friday whenever i try to sign on, and with any of my or my families email addresses it just doesnt load up. it loads really slowly to half way through the status bar then it just stops and wont load onto hotmail!!! does anybody know what the problem is?? (according to the website MSN hotmail has no problems)

  johnnyrocker 13:50 23 Apr 2006

clear out cookies and temp i/net files/re boot and try again.


  kaz85 14:58 23 Apr 2006

thanks, tried that but it hasnt made a difference! any other ideas??

  remind 15:10 23 Apr 2006

MS have changed some log-in URLs for Hotmail in the past couple of days, part of the transition to the `Live` service they've been touting. I don't know the actual solution but if you are accessing it from Messenger or some kind of shortcut, try logging in by going to click here in your browser.
You should see http : // in your address bar at some point, which is part of the changes.

  kaz85 15:14 23 Apr 2006

thanks, it says 'click here' at the start of the address.i have tried to sign in again but still no luck!!!

  kaz85 20:35 23 Apr 2006

iv sorted the problem!! it was my routers MTU size that was wrong and it stopped me from getting onto lots of sites. everything is fine now!

  daisy2bell 09:18 24 Apr 2006

Not wising to hijack this thread, but I too was having the same problem accessing certain sites, internet banking, microsoft updates, microsoft antispyware updates etc. I always had to plug in my ADSL modem for this.
I have also now changed my routers MTU size, and everything works fine.
Thanks for that

  Salut 10:30 24 Apr 2006

I have similar experience with Hotmail! You mention changing the router MTU size-how do you do this, and what would be a recommened setting?

  kaz85 12:37 24 Apr 2006

it depends on what router you have i think, my MTU size is now set at 1400

  johnnyrocker 13:49 24 Apr 2006

out of ignorance may i ask what MTU is?


  kaz85 15:14 24 Apr 2006

i havnt got a clue!!! somebody suggested i change it and when i did it worked.

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