'Signal out of range problem'

  Satara 18:08 10 Jun 2006

Hi. My first post, hoping for some help. Upon starting up my six year old Tiny computer I get the message 'signal out of range' on the monitor. (The monitor is less than two years old and I suspect this is not at fault). I know very little about computers but have spent some time browsing on my son's laptop trying to find some answers.
I still get nothing on the screen (other than above message)if I try and start up in safe mode so can't check any graphics settings. From what I've read a faulty graphics card could well be the culprit. According to the paperwork it has AGP 64 Graphics. This appears to be built into the motherboard as there is not a seperate graphics board nor an AGP slot. There are spare PCI slots.
I can check the monitor on my sisters machine on monday, but I suspect this is O.K.
What could I do to to investigate the graphics card?
Can I buy one for a PCI slot, and if fitted would the computer recognise it and start up with it or would I still be stuck with the same error message and no way of accessing the settings to change them?
Your help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  woodchip 18:19 10 Jun 2006

signal out of range is normally for a wireless connection, never seen it for monitor, on a monitor it normally says no signal. If that's what you are getting on the monitor then It is a Hardware fault, if you moved the monitor and comp check for a bent pin in monitor socket or the Graphics card that monitor is plugged into may have worked out of the socket it should just be held in by one screw. switch comp of and pull mains plug then take side from computer off try pressing graphics card into slot

  Diodorus Siculus 18:26 10 Jun 2006

New Monitor Shows Garbled Display or a 'Signal Out of Range' Error Message When Computer Starts
click here

  woodchip 18:29 10 Jun 2006

Forgot that one. yes that can happen on a TFT monitor

  woodchip 18:30 10 Jun 2006

What took my notice was six years old computer So think it may be a Crt tube

  Satara 18:38 10 Jun 2006

Yes it's a CRT. The full message is:

Signal out of range
Hs 8Ak
Vs 98Hz

Safe range
Hs 80 - 0Dk
Vs 98 - 789Hz

Checked all connections, and there is no slot with separate graphics card.
Diodorus - thanks for the link, this appears to be when trying a new monitor and resetting the graphics options, but I can't get anything on the screen in safe mode.
Thanks so far. Any other ideas?

  Diodorus Siculus 18:43 10 Jun 2006

Try starting in what is called "vga mode" - one of the options when you press F8 at startup.

  woodchip 18:45 10 Jun 2006

Then do as the link say's Start computer in Safe Mode by pressing F8 as computer starts right click desktop in windows go to properties settings advanced and alter the refresh rate and resolution. Otherwise do what I said above

  Satara 18:46 10 Jun 2006

Trouble is there is no screen display to select any options when starting up and pressing F8 so I can't see any choices.

  woodchip 20:00 10 Jun 2006

can you click about in menu? it should say who's software

  woodchip 20:01 10 Jun 2006

Sorry wrong thread for the above post

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