Sign in problums with msn, aol, and ebay

  jwitt 02:18 04 Jan 2006

We just got broadband, and we have one computer hooked up to the router. But we have 2 computers hooked together with ethernet. We did this so we can both use our broadband. But for some reason why I cant log into, aol, or ebay with the other computer connected. I was thinkin it may be doing this becuase it cant gaurentee saftey protection over your information. When i goto log into hotmail or ebay it says server not found. I know everything is hooked up right b/c everything else works. If I disconnect the ethernet from the other computer and goto ebay to log in, it works fine. But when both computers are connected together it dont work. I cant get my msn messenger or my aim messenger to work ethier. So if there is any suggestions anyone has please let me know.

  dms05 08:37 04 Jan 2006

I have my Desktops connected to seperate Ethernet connections on my Router, not daisylinked together (do you use a Crossover cable?).
If you only have one Ethernet port on your router perhaps you should connect your PC's via a Network Switch (using Patch cable) to the Router.
I think we need to know more about your equipment before we can offer exact advice.

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