£ sign on keyboard

  Quids in 17:39 10 Aug 2004

A friend asked me where is the £ sign? It seems they have a different keyboard layout. For example,where the £ should be above the 3 is #. From memory, @ is also somewhere on the top line. I thought it should be easy to change but it's beaten me. Can anyone tell me what's the best thing to do please?

  VoG II 17:55 10 Aug 2004

Control Panel, set to UK in Regional and Language Options and in Keyboard.

  Djohn 18:04 10 Aug 2004

Unless the actual characters are different on the keyboard itself then it's an American keyboard.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:04 10 Aug 2004

They obviously have an ammerican keyboard rather than a British one so the £ sign will not be shown set as per VoG™'s posting and a £ sign will ba printed instead of the #, @ will be printed as per uk layout shift + row 3 3rd from right.

  john-232317 20:30 10 Aug 2004

Spanish keyboards also have 3 + # also @ is on top row, cont + alt + 2 = @

  Quids in 10:53 11 Aug 2004

Thanks for help. We think this keyboard - whatever it is - came from Holland. Its sounds like the Spanish one. When I go to keyboard in control panel, there are just 2 tabs for speed and language which is set at English (British) I see that you can add others if you want. In regional settings, it is set at English (British) and currency £. If we press shift 3, should we get a pound sign even though it says # ? And if so, where is the # ? We're hoping to try it out later today or tomorrow and we thought we'd try plugging in my standard keyboard.

  Simsy 11:10 11 Aug 2004

the £ sign by using shift+3, it's likely that the # appears by using the same key as a "normal" british keyboard...

If so, it's the key immediately to the left of the keyboard return, i.e. it's the 3rd ket to the right of the letter L

I hope this helps!



  cga 11:26 11 Aug 2004

I have this problem in reverse.

At work I use US keyboards and at home I have a German format. Although I have the systems set up to match the keyboards I often get confused and cross over my z's & y's. :-)

The biggest problem I have is when using some standalone utility at home I have to remember where the character would have been on a US keyboard.

  GRFT 13:13 11 Aug 2004

How does one access the Euro sign which is on the 4 key just to the right of the 4?

  VoG II 13:22 11 Aug 2004

AltGr + 4 gives €

  GRFT 07:53 12 Aug 2004

Thank you = €.

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