Siezed up Router

  Allan RISC OS user 15:54 06 Dec 2008

My Speed Touch 585 Broadband Router appears to stop functioning at times even though all the lights are on. Some times it will just start to load a site but then stops and does not complete other times it does not start to load the site (there is no data going through at all). I then switch it off and on again at the built in switch and all appears to function well.

I also get problems with one or two sites where the connection to Broad band appears to stop and the internet light is off or red, and then it will completely re-set (all light go off) and carry on as if nothing has happened. It is whilst accessing the Ancestry site that it happens most frequently, usually whilst doing searches.
I am using Windows XP and Tiscali.

Today I could get the first page of the speed test but the test did not complete.

Are the problems with the Router, the Sites, or my ISP?

  Allan RISC OS user 16:33 30 Dec 2008


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