Sieze up

  JohnMHT 09:00 04 Jul 2010

I am running Win XP SP3. Recently, when defragging, the screen went blank. No response to mouse movement or ctrl, alt, del. I had to switch off the mains and start again. It also happened earlier when I was rendering a film from my camcorder to dvd. Any ideas please?

  Atlantic Man 11:45 04 Jul 2010

Get yourself freeware- Antivir for virusses and Malwarebytes for spyware. Update and full scan your PC, seems to me its Spyware.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:37 04 Jul 2010

Could be any number of things but a scan for virus and malware is worth doing first.

Then check your memory as the twice you reported it happening where during heavy memory use.

  JohnMHT 21:00 04 Jul 2010

Thank you Atlantic Man and Fruit Bat. I have the latest McAfee and have run a full scan. Will check other malware and spyware freebies.

  woodchip 22:25 04 Jul 2010

Do a Disc Check of the Operating System Partition

  ashdav 23:31 04 Jul 2010

As you're running XP I guess that the computer is quite old.Overheating is a strong possiblitiy
Open it up and clean the dust out especially the cpu cooler and fan.
Clean paint brush (about 1" is best) and a vacuum cleaner are ideal for this.
Try cleaning as much out of the psu as you can too.
Unplug from the mains first of course.

  JohnMHT 10:19 05 Jul 2010

Thank you all for your good advice. Overheating seems the most likely problem. Virus/spyware/malware checked.

  onthelimit 10:24 05 Jul 2010

Careful with a vacuum as they can generate static. Compressed air is generally considered the best way.

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