Sierra Print Artist 4 in Windows XP

  Gary 21:24 19 Apr 2003

I am trying to install a fairly old version of Sierra Print Artist (version 4) on my Windows XP system. When installation starts up OK but then runs minimised so that I cannot complete the installation because I cannot select the appropriate options. I cannot find a way to maximise it because right clicking on the application installer on the task bar, all the options except close are greyed out. Does anyone know if this version of Print Artist will run on XP and if so how I can install it successfully?

  Happy1 21:39 19 Apr 2003

Have you tried going through compatibility mode wizard. I am new to XP but it is supposed to work quite well. I think you can tell it the programme worked on an earlier OS. and all should be well. I have Print Artist 8 on so it should work for 4 I think.

  Gary 23:19 19 Apr 2003

I had tried the compatatility wizard without success (still got the program running minimised) and forgot to say this in my original post. However, I have now solved the problem. For the benefit of others who are having similar problems, here's how I did it.

Start the installer by running setup.exe from the root of the CD. It will open and run minimised. (Note that right clicking it on the task bar the option to maximise is greyed out). Press Control+Alt+Del and click on the applications tab in the window that appears. Right click on the print artist setup application in the window and choose maximise. The installer will maximuse. Quit the window and proceed with the installation as usual.

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