Siemens HC450 Door System: where's pinhole button?

  ianmanning 11:23 08 Apr 2018

I have a Siemens HC450 Door System and need to pair it with a new Gigaset phone base station. The instructions for doing this refer to pressing a button on the HC450 with a paper clip, but I can't see any such button. Does anyone know where it is located? Do I need to remove the front cover from the HC450 to find it? (which will likely be a nightmare as the two screws at the base of the unit seem to have completely rusted!)

  wee eddie 11:51 08 Apr 2018

You will have to look for a small hole, about 1 millimetre in diameter.

  mrcalif 11:51 08 Apr 2018

Page 9 & 12 of Manual.

  ianmanning 12:26 08 Apr 2018

Doh! I was confusing the control unit with the intercom unit! I'm trying to replace my SL565 base unit with an N300IP base unit, and am having problems: 1) I have been able to register my 4 existing SL56 handsets with the new N300IP base station, but the name on the display of every phone says "Base 1" and I can't work out how to change the name (e.g. to rename a handset to "Lounge") 2) When I press the INT button on any of the handsets I would expect to see a list of the other handsets connected to the base station, but instead I get a blank screen with 5 dots at the top of it 3) Pairing with the HC450 doesn't seem to work. I press the registration button on the base station for 3 seconds, then within 20 seconds I press the (newly-discovered!) pinhole button on the HC450 control unit, but the LED on the HC450 control unit will not light up contunuously - it continues flashing amber/green. I've tried disconnecting the power from it but it didn't help. Any ideas for any of the above??

  mrcalif 12:39 08 Apr 2018

RTM Buddy

  ianmanning 12:52 08 Apr 2018

The manual's pretty clear (it was my first port of call): - Set the base station pin to "0000" - DONE - Press the registration key on the base station for 3 seconds - DONE - Press the button on the HC450 control with a paper clip within 20 seconds - DONE. - If no luck, try placing the base station closer to the HC450, or powering down the HC450 first - both DONE ???

  ianmanning 14:51 08 Apr 2018

I've come to the conclusion that the HC450 is not compatible with the N300IP base station, as I just factory reset the HC450 and managed to re-register it with my original (SL565) base station immediately, using the same procedure. i suppose I have the option of keeping both base stations, but then each handset could only receive incoming calls from one base station at a time, which isn't how I was hoping it would work :0(

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