Siemens Gigaset SE572

  SHAZZ316 21:10 30 Jul 2009

I have an old Siemens Gigaset SE572 Router which I got when I was with Orange Broadband and I no longer use it. I was looking to know if this old orange router could be used as a broadband router for other ISP'S.
Basically what I am wanting to know is I am thinking about switching to ADSL24 for my broadband. They do not supply a router and I want to know if I can use this old router for my broadband without having to buy a new router. If I can does anybody know what I would have to do to configure it to work with another broadband provider.
Thanks in advance for your help.

  ambra4 07:17 31 Jul 2009

“I want to know if I can use this old router for my broadband without having to buy a new router”

Is this the Siemens Gigaset Router DSL/Cable that you have?

click here

Yes you can use the router connected to ADSL24 modem download the user manual

will tell you how to connect and set up the router

  SHAZZ316 07:24 31 Jul 2009

Thanks ambra4 for your reply,
but the link that you posted asking me if that was the router I have does not work. I clicked on the link but it is dead, it does not connect to any website. Could you please repost the link again.

  ambra4 07:26 31 Jul 2009

Check the firmware version on the router and download and update to the latest version:

1.00.0267 if firmware is outdated

click here

  ambra4 07:28 31 Jul 2009

Strange links work here using firefox

  ambra4 07:47 31 Jul 2009

Have just try both "click here" links and they work

  SHAZZ316 09:40 01 Aug 2009

Just tried the links again and it worked this time. An answer to your question is no that is not the same router I have and I can't find it on that website.

The router I have is gey and white in colour which Orange sent me directly. It has Orange branding on the outside of the router and when I access the settings for the router Orange have their logo on the settings page. I think it is a specific router made just for Orange.

This is why I'm unsure if I could use this router with other broadband providers. I thought there might have been a way that Orange has the router programmed or locked to their broadband.

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