sidekick 95 and windows XP

  esco 15:28 01 Sep 2003

unfortunately all my addresses are on Sidekick 95 but our new computer has windows XP. Does anyone have a solutionother than rebuilding my addresses?

  wildtrout 17:23 01 Sep 2003

From the tools menu select export cardfile select your source file *.sbd and export to your target as a comma delimited .csv

Then if you are using something like outlook or outlook express use the import facility that you will find under file-import-other addressbook.
Select Text File,then Import and browse to the location where you set your target.

  Art 216 19:09 01 Sep 2003

Hi .
If you backed up your address's etc to a floppy in "95" you can reinstall them into Sidekick when running "XP" I did !!

Cheers de Art.

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