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  palinka 15:21 27 Jun 2012

My neighbour (OS Vista) has Lumix installed - it came with her Panasonic camera. It's been on her pc for years; I don't know how she used to access it (and it would have been very rarely) but suddenly Lumix (with all the pictures)has appeared as a sidebar, taking up desktop space. How can she get rid of the sidebar, please?

  Nontek 15:55 27 Jun 2012

Go to View and untick it in Sidebar.

  palinka 18:05 02 Jul 2012

Nontek, your advice sounded logical and straightforward but (a) WHERE should I go to View? and (b)I can't work out exactly what you mean , and (b)when I get there I assume you mean "untick Sidebar in it". bUt my basic problem with following your instructions is which "View"? Can you clarify, please.

  Nontek 18:10 02 Jul 2012

Sorry to confuse, I was a bit quick off the mark.

I was thinking of View, or Tools/Sidebar, in the Internet Explorer menu.

  palinka 10:06 04 Jul 2012

Right.Ok. Thanks

  palinka 12:19 28 Jul 2012

problem partly solved thanks to Nontek and the MS website! I went along to help this morning but found that deleting the sidebar completely (which is what my neighbour wants to do) seems to be impossible.

It is now no longer permanently on view; it pops out if the mouse pointer goes right up to the edge of the desktop. How can I get rid of it entirely?

The whole thing seems muddled - control panel>sidebar has sidebar ticked to appear on the right hand side of the monitor, but it is on the left. I cannot see anything to "close sidebar" or similar.

I asked what she had done that might have caused the sidebar to appear (she is a great fiddle-fingers) but she couldn't recall anything that she had done. She thought it MIGHT have "come in" (!) when she downloaded a program from the Internet.("Free Viewer" I think it was )

Please , can anyone suggest a way of getting rid of the sidebar COMPLETELY, given the present situation and what I've already tried. The only thing on it is Windows Photo Gallery but as that contains over 900 pics and is already on her desktop............

  lotvic 13:18 28 Jul 2012

Is it the LUMIX Simple Viewer? as on this page Maybe it is set to open on Start Up programs. Have you looked to see if there is a setting in the Lumix program.

  Woolwell 13:33 28 Jul 2012

I've had Lumix Simple Viewer for a number of years, firstly on Vista and now on W7 and I've never seen it as a sidebar. It usually does start with the PC.

Gadgets on the Vista sidebar can be detached and placed on the desktop. Is it possible that the Windows Photo gadget has been detached and placed at the edge of the screen?

  palinka 13:34 28 Jul 2012

thanks for that Lotvic. I hadn't thought of Lumix being the cause of the problem as she's had Lumix for years whereas the sidebar problem is only a week or two old.

Next week I'll go along again and take a close look at Lumix. If there are several versions of Lumix it will be whatever comes as standard. "Simple viewer" sounds right.

  Woolwell 13:36 28 Jul 2012

ps there are no settings in Lumix Simple Viewer to make it appear as a sidebar.

  lotvic 14:25 28 Jul 2012

Woolwell, so do you know the procedure to only have it appear/start up 'on demand' (I have neither Vista or Lumix - so know nowt)

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