side band addressing in mobo bios settings

  pookie 19:38 07 Aug 2004


sapphire x800pro, 3 Ghz barton, ! Gb ddr ram, windows xp home and asus a7n8x-x mobo - all latest drivers.

pc for games like ut2004, ut2004 mods, counter strike/etc

in bios i noticed that side band addressing is set to disabled - should i enable it and if so why?

many thanks


  CurlyWhirly 20:23 07 Aug 2004


Here is a description of what it does:

"Sideband addressing

A feature of AGP. Sideband addressing provides additional channels for transmitting data requests between the graphics processor and the system."

If your motherboard supports this feature by all means enable it but if you experience crashes, lock ups, etc then go back to the BIOS and disable it again.
I have Sideband addressing and Fastwrites ON as I am lucky enough to suffer NO conflicts.

  pookie 21:18 07 Aug 2004

many thanks - i'll try it 'on'



  CurlyWhirly 22:50 07 Aug 2004


Sorry to bother you but what do you think of the performance of your X800 Pro?
I personally think it is brilliant!
I am interested as you have almost the same specs as me namely:

Powercolor X800 Pro graphics card, AMD Athlon XP 3000+ (Barton) processor, 1 Gb DDR RAM (333 mhz), Windows XP, Audigy 2 sound card and Gigabyte GA7-VAXP motherboard

I was going to wait for the XT version of the X800 Pro but I got bored of waiting also I have read that you really needa a 64 bit processor to get the BEST results from this card!
Have you managed to enable the 4 extra pixel pipelines with a firmware/BIOS update?
If you have managed it do you think it worth the risk?

  pookie 08:56 08 Aug 2004


it's worth the risk as sapphire website forum gives the x800pro flash to xt version unlocking all 16 pipes seems to have very high rate - but i'm too chicken. i like the results of x800pro anyway and graphics are so much better. i really noticed difference over 9700pro when viewing demo videos from doom3 and half life 2. at the end of the day we all want a little bit extra from what we've got but 1 get nearly 11,000 in 3d2003 benchmark now from a little o/clocking. some of the guys with x800pro who haven't unlocked the extra 4 pipes have o/clocked very high without much rise in temp. so it does prove i think that the early vivo x800pro were underclocked xt cards.

also, the xt is better but only noticeable at very high resolutions/high game setiings, high aa etc which most people, and many monitors, won't use/support

take it easy


  CurlyWhirly 10:50 08 Aug 2004


After reading your views I don't think I'll bother with the BIOS flash as if it goes wrong my £300 is wasted!

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