Sick monitor

  Munchkin 23:09 29 Aug 2004

A working colleague requested my assistance when his monitor developed a sickly green tinge. I was unable to do anything from the properties menu with regard to the colour display on the monitor. Could it be something to do with the cathode ray tube rather than any settings within the computer and is there anything a novice can do to correct it ?

  Night Ryder 23:56 29 Aug 2004

Firstly does the monitor have a captive VGA cable?
If not you could try a different VGA cable.
Other thing to try, Make sure the VGA cable is firmly attached to the graphics card and that the graphics card is firmly seated on the motherboard.

If after trying all this and the fault is still there could you borrow a monitor from someone to see if this fixes the problem?

If the problem is still there, it looks like a problem with your graphics card. If the problem has gone I would suspect the CRT monitor.

  johnnyrocker 00:06 30 Aug 2004

you may weell find if none of the previous works that a tweak of the colour drive presets (prob on crt base panel) would resolve.


  Night Ryder 00:59 30 Aug 2004

Good point if it's an older monitor these controls could have oxidised(become noisy).
Slight movement in each direciton of all these presets may solve the problem, but beware there are some very high voltages around this part of the monitor!!!

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