Shuttle XPC SH61R Motherboard Replacement

  BarneySollars 17:35 14 Jan 2018

Good afternoon all.

I have been living with a Home built Shuttle XPC SH61R for around four years. (click here )

I bought the bare bones as a a second and that was my initial mistake! It had it's quirks which I first tried to solve (updated BIOS etc) and have since been living with. Running windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit and currently an i5-3550 CPU.

Quirks which I have assigned to Motherboard problems:

  1. Only one RAM slot functioned
  2. DVD drive would often disappear
  3. It would need three or four boots to get video (DVI) ouput

This week I was unable to get any video output. I am 99% certain that if I put in a video card it would be fine but that would be more good money after bad, now is the time to move on.

I would, for preference, swap out motherboard, like for like. However, I have been unable to find a source for the correct board, FH51 V 1.0.

From what I can see, it was not a popular model, nor a big seller, there doesn't seem to be any old stock about of parts, or complete units, new or second hand (Ebay)

So I guess I would be happy to hear from anybody with any knowledge of where to source a board or what I can use as a substitute that will a) fit in the box, and more inportantly, b) Allow me to carry on using the currently installed propriotory Shuttle ICE cooler which will keep heat and noise at bay but does dictate position of chip on the board. (see specs in link above)

Any information, pointers, directions to gurus would be very much appreciated.

Very many thanks in advance,


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