shuttle PC having problems switching on

  shahedz 20:12 30 Oct 2005

i have a shuttle SN41G2, i am having problems swtiching it on, when i press the power button , the keyboard lights ( caps lock, num lock etc) flash but then nothing happens, then after a minute or two it whirrs into life. sometimes nothign happens and then i have to press the powt button again and then it whirrs into action, once it is workign it works perfect, any ideas what it is?

thank you in advance

  howard63 20:26 30 Oct 2005

do you have a usb cable attached? this has been known to stop a pc booting

  shahedz 20:51 30 Oct 2005

well i have a few, but they have been attached since i have had the PC and have never posed a a problem before. but i will try disconnectind reconnecting now.

  shahedz 21:04 30 Oct 2005

hi howard tried disconnecting the usb decvice but to no avail :(
any other ideas?
thank you

  Iron Maiden 21:57 30 Oct 2005

Could be PSU on its way out

  shahedz 22:05 30 Oct 2005

if it is PSU how can i confirm this. also is it hard to replace on a shuttle, cheers?

  shahedz 22:56 30 Oct 2005

also can i use any shuttle psu, i have been on the website, but they do not have a list of compatible barebones systems list. so how do i confirm if the one i have chosen is compatible?

  shahedz 23:00 30 Oct 2005

sorry, for all the questions ( as you can probably tell i'm no expert) my current psu is 200 watt, can i just use a 250 watt or 300 watts psu. would you recommend using a higher one or stick to what i have?
any help is greatly appreciated

  alan227 23:18 30 Oct 2005

The PSU is not hard to replace but it is a fiddly job.
I have a SN41g and have put a 250watt PSU in it.
Going to 300 watt is ok if your are putting a beefy graphics card in but it will produce more heat which has to be dissapated.

  shahedz 09:12 31 Oct 2005

how can i check that it is definitley a PSU? dont fancy shelling out for a new PSU if i it doesnt resolve the problem!
also is the shuttle

click here

can i use this one?

cheers guys

  shahedz 17:49 31 Oct 2005


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