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  Epirb406 18:59 31 Oct 2012

Hi all, long time no post,

About 6 months ago I built myself a PC with a barebone SG41J4 Black XPC shuttle ( ) an an e8400 core duo chip.

The box died and has been RMA'd to Ebuyer after which they gave me a refund.

I now have a pile of bits and no PC and that shuttle is no longer available.

It cost about £100 when I bought it so was a budget option and the only budget shuttle now seems to be the XPC SG31G2,

How do you think the difference between the G31 and G41 chipset will manifest itself and are there any other differences you think will be important?

Thanks for reading.

All the best, Epirb.

  [email protected] 20:44 31 Oct 2012

Looking at this list, the differences between the G31 and G41 are that the G31 only supports up to 4GB of RAM while the G41 supports up to 8GB, and there is a different onboard graphics chip used.

Apart from that, as long as you reinstall Windows (or your drivers) I can't see why you should encounter any other problems.

  Epirb406 21:04 31 Oct 2012

Thanks for that [email protected],

I think you are right that I will be OK moving to the new box but my question is whether I will be losing out.

Like you say, the ram support is reduced, but 4 gb is enough for me, however, is G31 not older tech than G41?

what backwards step will I notice?

Cheers, epirb

  [email protected] 17:14 01 Nov 2012

The chipset doesn't have a great deal of impact on your performance - provided it supports all of the features that your CPU has, and I believe the G31 does, then the CPU and RAM will be the biggest governors of performance, so in this case will be unaffected.

The only real backwards step you could argue is that you will be using an inferior onboard graphics chip, but both chips are going to be useless at anything beyond basic desktop work anyway, so I don't think you will actually notice a difference in that area either.

  Epirb406 11:57 04 Nov 2012

[email protected], sorry, missed your response, thanks very much for your research on my behalf.

I think you are right and for what I am after the available machine wih the G31 chipset will do me, I'll get one on order and let you know how I get on.

Once again, really grateful for your help, cheers,


  Epirb406 18:12 07 Nov 2012

Ok, so the saga goes on, neither of these machines are currently avail;able for love nor money, I have spent hours looking for both so it seems my Shuttle options are no go.

All very frustrating and expensive, so, anyone care to have an opinion....?

the core two duo E8400 is not listed on the compatible processors for my second choice: does this mean it is a no go?

My next shuttle option is the XPC SH61R4 which would mean new processer and Ram, how would it go with the SLBMQ Intel Core i3-540M Processor. How would this be in terms of todays performance at the budget end?

Finally I am going to look for a cheap case and motherboard option for my current chip.

Happy to hear from anyone on anything!



  [email protected] 23:37 07 Nov 2012

Here's (hopefully!) a working link for the Asus computer if anyone else wants to look. You're right that your CPU is not in the supported list, but I can't understand why. It's an almost identical CPU to the E8500 which is in the list (see here), and therefore I'd be extremely surprised if it didn't work. That's up to you to decide whether it's a gamble worth taking though.

If you're going to go down the road of buying a new CPU and RAM, then I think you'd be better off getting something like this - Case, motherboard and PSU - it's cheaper than the proposed new Shuttle system, and will allow you to buy one of the latest SandyBridge or IvyBridge CPUs. Would also mean that come upgrade day, you need only replace the motherboard and not the case or Power Supply.

As for getting your old parts up and running, then any motherboard from this list should do, along with any case from here.

  [email protected] 23:45 07 Nov 2012

Sorry, realised I've made a slight mistake.

When you asked whether the i3-540M processor would fit the Shuttle computer, I immidiately assumed it must be a motherboard that supports the old generation of i3s, ie Socket 1156. In fact it is not, it is the new socket (1155) so will certainly support SandyBridge CPUs and possibly the new IvyBridge CPUs. An i3-540M will not fit.

  [email protected] 23:51 07 Nov 2012

Another error I've spotted - the list of cases I linked to at the very end of my 11:37 post should have been this list. I confused the word mid for the word micro when filtering the list. Time for bed I think!

  Epirb406 19:18 17 Nov 2012

I Thought that I ought to return and put this one to bed, thanks [email protected] for you wise words along the way way but it concluded in a very different way to how it started!

Decision 1. It had to be a shuttle or shuttle size machine. Decision 2. it had to have a sensible economic benefit.

The only socket 775 shuttle I could find was running at around £260 and didn't have any on-board graphics. It also had reviews as being noisy (relatively) as it had lots of fans.

I then sought alternatives but all meant spending extra just so I could stay with old tech so I (gently) bit the bullet.

Shuttle xpc SH1R4 from Ebay, £133 Intel i3 2120, also from Ebay, £75 And, as far as I am concerned, the master stroke, a OCZSSD2-2VTXE60G Vertex 2 60GB Solid State Drive , £40

It all went together really easily, I put the 500Gb sata HDD from the last machine in for the storage and run the SSB as a boot disk for windows. Speed is sensational and boot time, even though I am now fully loaded is about 90 seconds, rebooting for updates etc is a doddle and I think it is the biggest leap in PC terms I have made in many years, Tape to floppy, floppy to CD type difference, I love it.

I now have a top core two duo looking for a new home and really annoyingly a shuttle ICE cooler for a 775 motherboard shuttle but still pretty happy.

Thanks for everyone's attention!


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