Shutting down XP automatically

  PaulCrane 16:49 12 Mar 2003

Is there any way of setting XP to automatically turn my PC of at a set time? I tend to leave it to its own devices to finish different jobs off and it would be handy if I could get it to switch off either when the task is finished or at a set time. Some of the applications I use will turn the PC off but not all, and it doesn't always work.

Is this something XP can do by itself? It would need to be able to work even where there may still be applications running, as it is often the failure of the application to close when it should that is causing the problem.

If not, can anyone suggest any shareware or similar programs that would do the job?


  powerless 17:04 12 Mar 2003

If you know when it will be finished by you can try this...

Start > RUN > Type:

Shutdown -s -t 100

Click "OK"

XP will shut down in 100 Seconds...Just alter the figure in seconds to what you want ...

2 and a half hours would be 9000 - It will display as hh:mm in the box that appears but you have to enter it in seconds.

Or click here and downlaodTweak XP this has a countdown, plus lots of more "things".

  Legolas 17:26 12 Mar 2003

PaulCrane I use this to set my XP machine to switch off it is easy to use and will switch of your computer completely when you want. click here

  PaulCrane 11:14 13 Mar 2003

I shall give switchoff a try and let you know.


  PaulCrane 10:08 17 Mar 2003

Switchoff is just what I needed - thanks very much for the help.


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