Shutting down problems - xp pro

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Ok, here goes...

About 2 months ago i bought a brand new dell with xp pro installed. Last weekend it started acting dodgy, most of the time when i turned it on it would go to the welcome screen and just freeze, ctrl alt del wouldnt do anything so i had to turn it off manually. I kept restarting it and after 7 attempts i finally logged in successfully. I then did a system restore to the previous weekend and i thought this sorted the problem out. It did to a degree, it doesnt freeze at the welcome screen anymore. However, i have 2 user accounts on my pc and when i try to log off either of them, nothing happens. I try to shut down and a message pops up saying 'users are still logged in, would u like to log them off?' I click yes and nothing happens, as if the computer just disregards what i just told it do. Its not a major problem, just an annoyance. Whats worse is a cant find my windows xp disc to re install again. Any ideas?
Cheers guys

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Give me a break!!!
139,000 users and no-one can help me!!!

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  GaT7 16:14 18 May 2004
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or, file system (the way file store on hDD) damged.

Find out the maker of your HDD and use relevent software check it. Also check memory as well.

You can get all diagnostic program on a cd with Utilmate Boot CD click here

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ah! same links as Crossbow7. I was too slow :-(

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