Shutdown and startup problems

  wesparmalee 15:14 30 May 2006

I wonder if anyone can help me with this.When i shut my pc down, it will not shut off completely.Instead of switching off, the fan on the psu stays on, and will only turn off at the wall outlet.The very same thing happens when i first turn the pc on.The fan starts as soon as it's plugged in.I've tried every configuration inside the pc, as in connecting the psu to the mother board etc, but nothing works.Could the mother board be faulty?I've tried a different psu from an old pc, and the very same thing happens again.The pc works fine once it's on, but i know this should'nt really be happening.Any ideas?

  bof:) 15:30 30 May 2006

Hi wesparmalee, have you tried the power options settings in control panel? I'm assuming you are using winxp.

start/control panel/power options/hibernate...untick enable hibernate setting.


  wesparmalee 15:32 30 May 2006

Yes i've tried those settings, also the BIOS settings as well, but no joy.

  bof:) 10:36 01 Jun 2006

are you getting any irregular beeps at startup? Other than then the 1 beep you should get.

have you looked on the website for your MB to see if there is any troubleshooting options?

  wesparmalee 14:24 01 Jun 2006

I'm not getting any beeps of any kind.It's a bit of a mystery.

  bof:) 11:52 02 Jun 2006

Have you tried just having the minimum you need to boot up on your PC? ie 1 stck memory,graphics card, HD. No external connections to printer/scanner etc.

Has this always been a problem or has it recently begun? If recently what was the last program you installed?

have you moved your pc lately? Are all the connections in place firmly?...Take them out and resite them.

click here;en-us;308029&spid=1173&sid=1192

This is a link to the Microsoft website for shutdown problems with XP have a look at them.

You need to find out if this is a hardware/software problem.

Could you have a faulty power switch?

Whats the spec of your pc?


  bof:) 11:58 02 Jun 2006

sorry link to microsoft site didnt work...not sure why?

Go to the Microsoft website/ support (on left side of screen /self support select a product solution/ XP/ under 'All topics' scroll down to 'Startup and Shut Down'/ Shutdown.....and have a look at whats there.

  bof:) 11:58 02 Jun 2006


  bof:) 16:21 02 Jun 2006

I noticed you mention that you do not get any beeps of any kind, have a look here its about beep codes and bios.

click here

  bof:) 16:30 02 Jun 2006

check them against the bios on your pc.

If you feel able to do so, checkout the connection between your Power Suppl Unit (PSU) and the motherboard.

  T0SH 21:00 02 Jun 2006

Have a look in BIOS setup in the power management section for a setting like or similar to "State after power failure" if this is set to " On or Enabled " your PC will power up as soon as it is plugged in

Also check in the control panel power Power Options on the Advanced Tab the power button option should be set on Shut Down

Cheers HC

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