Shutdown problem

  SonnyB 07:42 26 Jun 2004

A strange problem has developed on my pc whereby when I connect my card reader via usb my pc will not boot up beyond the bios screen. It simply shuts itself down. I have tried other usb ports to no effect. The card reader has worked previously and is a simple plug and play device.
Any suggestions appreciated.

  billyliv 09:17 26 Jun 2004

Hi, Does the reader work ok. if you plug it in after windows has booted?. Cheers, Bill

  SonnyB 09:23 26 Jun 2004

A very good question, as yes for some reason it works fine once the pc is up and running and it can be seen from 'device manager'.
I also tried to boot up with the usb cable unpluuged from the reader but plugged into the pc usb port and it booted up fine but if I plug it back into the reader and connect up normally and re-start the pc just shuts down part way through the bios screen. I am baffled.

  lezw 09:35 26 Jun 2004

it sounds as if the computer is seeing the card reader as a drive and trying to boot from it

  SonnyB 09:38 26 Jun 2004

That sounds logical, how do I stop it from doing this?

  billyliv 09:59 26 Jun 2004

Hi, If your operating system is XP unplug your card reader, restart your machine, tap F2 before windows loads and you will enter the bios. move along to Boot and move down to Boot priority, Set your boot priority to hard drive hit F10 to save and exit, hit enter . Your machine will re-boot from the hard drive first. If you are using any other operating system you will notice when you start up it will say to enter set up press DEL or otherwise. Then do as above. Cheers, Bill

  SonnyB 12:20 26 Jun 2004

I will try it, thanks,

  SonnyB 17:33 26 Jun 2004

Ok, I have tried this but to no effect, as it still shuts down and goes into a standby/hibernate type mode from which the only way out is to switch off and re-start.
Any suggestions?

  billyliv 02:01 27 Jun 2004

Hi, The only thing I can suggest now is, if you want to use your card reader, plug it in after windows has loaded. I know they are plug and play but some of them need drivers which may need updating. Can you try the reader on a mates machine?. It may be that an update of some kind has disabled USB on start up. (updates have been known to cause all sorts of problems) You really need to look at your system info and check through everything relating to USB. Keep trying, the answer isnt far away. I installed a front panel card reader with 2 USB ports connected to a PCI USB2 card (the card came from the States with header pins). Cheers, Bill

  SonnyB 08:41 27 Jun 2004

I have tried the device on my laptop and it started up fine and I have gone into properties to try to update drivers but the pc thinks current drivers are fine, so I am curently at a loss!
Do you think a system restore might work?

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