Shutdown Options is there a way of having these on

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I have Windows XP Pro, I was wondering, is there a way of being able to have the shutdown options accessable by an icon on my desktop, the shutdown options in question are the ones that are displayed when I have clicked START/TURN OFF COMPUTER, this then brings up a little window with four options, HIBERNATE, STANDBY, TURN OFF, RESTART. I would like to be able to have the little windows with these foiur options on, accessable by an icon on my desktop and or on the quick launch area of the taskbar.

  [DELETED] 10:50 13 May 2006

Shutdown or Restart click here

  [DELETED] 10:58 13 May 2006

I tried this but it just turn the computer off, it did not bring up the four shutdown options.

I was wanting to know if there was a way of displaying the four shutdown optins that I had mentioned, by the way of an icon and or on the quick launch area of the taskbar, rather than having to go into, START, TURN OFF COMPUTER.

  [DELETED] 11:05 13 May 2006

How about click here

  [DELETED] 11:07 13 May 2006

Thanks all, Ill try what you have suggested VoG and ill post back. Thanks again

  [DELETED] 11:19 13 May 2006

If all else fails try this, it will put an icon on the desktop for shutdown and an icon in the notification area for most of the other functions.

click here

  [DELETED] 16:44 13 May 2006

Thanks everyone for the help, I have went with VoG™ first option for Creating Icons for Shutdown and Restart, I then put these icons on to my quick launch area of the taskbar, I now have two icons, one for turning the PC off and another for restarting the PC. I will now mark this as resolved.

Thanks again everyone for the help.

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