Shut down query

  john4884 18:13 29 Jul 2008

I have Windows XP and a Fujitsu Siemens computer.

My problem is this. When I go to shut down my computer it reboots itself. I have tried logging off and Turning it off via Start and Turn off Computer but instead off logging off it just reboots. It seems that the only way that I can turn it off is via the Task Manager.

If you have any ideas or suggestions I would be grateful.


  mfletch 18:17 29 Jul 2008

Have you any external devices plugged in?

eg/ Camera external hard drive etc

If yes unplug them and try again,

  chub_tor 18:24 29 Jul 2008

Microsoft explanation click here

  john4884 21:08 31 Jul 2008

I have no external devices. Have tried to use System Restore but that hasn't worked either.

  chub_tor 21:14 31 Jul 2008

Have you recently installed some new hardware like a card reader, wirless adapter. It does sound like a driver problem. Something must have changed, or a driver updated if the PC was working OK previously.

  john4884 21:37 01 Aug 2008

I have uninstalled a few programs that I have updated recently. But still no change. However, I turned the automatic restart off and got a BSOD.

On it was the following message:

A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to you computer.


  chub_tor 21:46 01 Aug 2008

OK if you read this click here it shows that you definitely have a driver problem. Some hardware is hanging your PC on shutdown. If it is not external then it must be internal. Could be your USB (simple to fix, just go to Device Manager, delete them all and reboot - let Windows reinstall them). Copuld be your graphics card and for that you will have to check the Fujitsu website (or if you know the card manufacturer's website) or last thing I can think of is the CD/DVD drive which I presume is built in. Again remove this in Device Manager and re-boot.

  chub_tor 21:52 01 Aug 2008

One further point this link click here suggests that there are two other possible causes of your error message 1. Memory - so run a memory check or 2. Panda Antivirus - that doesn't happen to be one of the programmes you updated/uninstalled does it?

  john4884 09:54 02 Aug 2008

Thanks for advice. Am not around for next day or so. Will try when I get back & keep you informed.

Panda antivirus is updated automatically. Could that be a problem?


  chub_tor 10:05 02 Aug 2008

The link that I gave in my last post shows that the error can be caused by Panda 2007 and was cured by upgrading to Panda 2008. I haven't read every word on the page I linked to but it seems pretty conclusive.

  john4884 20:41 12 Aug 2008

Thanks to all those who offered advice.

The problem seems to have been sorted out. The origin looks to have been from my CD/DVD Drive. I uninstalled it and re-installed it and this appears to have solved the problem.

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