jasper_b1 19:14 15 Feb 2010

Hello, after roughly 9 months of reliable service by my computer, recently i have experienced unfortunate problems.

After removing a harmful virus "Anti Virus 2010" or something, my computer was acting extremely slow.

Firefox began to not work, (not loading after sending an error report).
The overall speed of my computer has now reached a point whereby it will crash and the mobo will emit a CONSTANT BEEP until i turn it off manualy.

I have read this could be an overheating problem, yet i have not overclocked, and specifically payed for a superior heatsink for my CPU.

I have also read it could be my PSU, which appears to be more likely.

My Specs are:

MSI P43 (MS-7519) Motherboard
E5200 CPU @2.50ghz
ATI 3600 512
OCZ 450w PSU

Ány help will be greatly appreciated, especially whether anyone can confirm whether it is hardware or software issue. Thanks in advance

  OTT_B 19:22 15 Feb 2010

Even with an uprated CPU cooler, it could still be an overheating problem. The CPU cooler will only be effective if it is dust free and the fan is working properly. With that in mind it might be worth checking inside the case if it won't invalidate your warranty. Alternatively download and run Realtemp (free) which will tell you what your CPU temps are like.
click here

  Technotiger 19:25 15 Feb 2010

If the sound is constant, it is not a beep! It is more than likely a overheating warning siren. Perhaps your PC case needs a good clean-out of dust, fluff etc especially around all fans and grills inside and outside of the case. The position of the case is also important in the fight against over-heating, i.e. under a desk is one of the worst places to keep a PC case, the case needs where possible, all-round clear air-space including above and below, and preferably in a natural normal air-flow.

  Technotiger 19:26 15 Feb 2010

I still gotta work on my typing Speed :-))

  jasper_b1 01:16 16 Feb 2010

My main concern is the PSU or possibly ram. processor and graphics card seem to be running quite cool, 30 deg and 50 deg. Ive cleared out dust and still, crashing unfortunatly.

Do you know of any software to diagnose hardware problems?

  OTT_B 01:54 16 Feb 2010

Everst Ultimate Edtion has quite a good data logger (click here). It logs voltages and temperatures for any sensors you have on your motherboard, hard drive(s), PSU etc.

The download is a trial version and although the realtime data monitoring is limited the data logger does record everything for analysis after the event.

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