Shuffling DVD/CD Writer

  geedad 21:23 19 Feb 2007

My DVD/CD Writer has developed a "shuffle". It's a Sony and came with the PC about 3 years ago.
Still loads and plays games etc., but is this a sign that it is on its way out?
Is there a freebie software to test CDs?

  D.G,E 22:40 19 Feb 2007

No it aint if the CD/dvd drive refuses to play then i would say yes but it seems to me that only if you use windows media or other that you have the shuffle option on press ctrl and H to disable it on windows media player only.

I pressuem this only happens to your Audio CDS as your games play fine.

  moorie- 06:26 20 Feb 2007

do you mean shuffle as in shuffle tracks or playback is juddery?

  geedad 08:28 20 Feb 2007

D.G,E and moorie-
Just meant a shuffling NOISE, nothing more!
Just thought it might be the beginning of the end of the DVD-CD Writer!
Sorry, I should have explained better.

  geedad 10:35 20 Feb 2007

Further to posting, I think I need a new drive. When trying to write, I get the message " One of the drive servos (Spindle, Focus and Tracking ) failed."
Check the disk for scratches or dirt, replace and try again.
Did that so my conclusion is a faulty writer.
Grab the cheque book!
Thanks all,

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