Shrinking disk

  [DELETED] 08:51 06 Sep 2003

For four years I have been running Windows 98 on my 20gb hard disk. The other day I installed Drive Image 2002 and though all seemed to go well, the program kept freezing whenever I tried to take a 'snapshot' of my C drive. I uninstalled Drive Image but now find my C drive is showing that it has shrunk to 4.82gb and that I only have 0.99gb of free space left. I have tried to perform a clean reinstall of Windows 98 but I receive a message saying there isn't enough space on my disk. Have you any idea what has gone wrong and how I can put it right? I have run a virus check with Norton and the disk is clear.

  [DELETED] 09:11 06 Sep 2003

All I can think of is that the program 'drive Image' has caused the disk size to be misreported to Windows or has partitioned it so that one is occupied by your existing OS and the other (remaining partition is too small for another OS). Can you not format the entire Hard Disk and then reinstall Windows? You are running Win98 so back up your data and then perform a full Format of C: Exit to MSDOS (Restart) Type C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND then Format C:

Alternatively, can you seek assistance from the Drive Image people?

  Rayuk 09:14 06 Sep 2003

Run fdisk see what it registers if the full 20Gb is there but in partitions you can resize to whatever you want.

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