Shrinking C drive to create D drive issues

  john bunyan 11:12 24 Mar 2018

In my other thread I mentioned a new PC that will have a 500 Gig SDD HD that I want to format to 200 Gig C drive for System and programmes, and D drive for data. My desktop has a 250 SDD C drive with a separate 1 TB SATA. Assuming the new PC will have a C drive looking like my Desktop, I see that to the right of the drive is a 450 Mb recovery partition see screenshot below. How to deal with this on the new PC if the 500 Gig SDD is similarly arranged?

  Forsaken 11:48 24 Mar 2018


In that Disk Management you show a screenshot on, you right click the Drive you want to split into 200 GB (OS Drive) and you select shrink volume.

It will ask you how much you want to shrink the drive by, so if you want exactly 200 GB you will want to set it so that "204800 MB" is in the section for "Total Size After Shrink In MB"

For the rest of the Space available on that Drive you want to right click and select New Simple Volume, it will have the total left over space already entered just click next and assign the Letter for the drive you want and giving it a volume name suitable for what you will use it for.

I hope that I understood your question and gave the answer you wanted.

  john bunyan 11:53 24 Mar 2018


Thanks; that seems clear. The 450Mb recovery then, presumably, remains on the right of the new "D" partition?

  Forsaken 12:23 24 Mar 2018

Yeah you will be right clicking the partition you want to create/split/extend and the recovery partition can be left as it is. Just make sure you don't accidentally right click that recovery partition.

  john bunyan 21:32 28 Mar 2018

Hope to get new PC next week . I have been told by a local “ expert” not to try shrinking a SSD to enable partitioning. He also discourages moving the location of user files. On my desktop, which has a C drive SSD for programmes and. SATA for data, I use Macrium for images of the C and SynchToy for data mirror copies, having relocated the user libraries. If I take his advice and don’t partition I can still use Macrium for images , but a bit slower with double the volume. I want a way of selecting data only if I leave the default Windows 10 libarary system. I don’t need a history, just a copy that only changes if data files are changed or deleted, as in the mirror image in SynchToy or Freefilesynch. Any views?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:13 28 Mar 2018

Just comming up to 5yrs using a SSD partitioned into 3. and user Folder sym linked to a HDD.

10TB data written to it and condition Good 100%

so not sure why your being advised otherwise.

  beeuuem~2 22:20 28 Mar 2018

As far as partitioning an SSD goes this thread might be worth a read click here

I have my SSD partitioned to hold XP W7, W10 and My Documents on separate partitions and have not encounter any problems in operation, backing up or restoring using Macrium Reflect for the latter functions.

It depends what your 'expert' defines as User files. Moving the User profile is not recommended - click here

Although I stand to be corrected, I see no problem with moving the Music, Pictures and Documents folders to other drives.

  john bunyan 07:03 29 Mar 2018

Thanks . I hope to go down the partition route. Will make a clone or image first . I much prefer the beeuuem~2 route.

  john bunyan 10:01 29 Mar 2018

PS the recovery partition is to the right of the C drive before shrinking . If I shrink to, say, 180 gig and make the shrunk space D drive, what happens to the recovery partition? My plan would be to make recovery media on usb via Macrium, then make images weekly. Does that make the recovery partition redundant?

  alanrwood 10:18 29 Mar 2018

There is no problem partitioning the SSD as you indicate. All my 10 machines have SSDs partitioned as you want to do on yours and have no problems.

With regard to moving defaults folders to the D drive , it is also no problem if you follow the proper procedure. Create the folder on the required final loction then select the original folder then properties and on the location tab. Enter the details of the new location and agree to moving all existing contents to the new tab. This does the job and alters all the Windows settings to the new location.

  john bunyan 10:32 29 Mar 2018


Thanks. Is the recovery partition redundant then?

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