Shrek DVD-ROM - Revoice studio microphone problems

  [DELETED] 13:25 10 Aug 2003

I know this is a tad specific and not really the "usual" problems of what PC Advisor's site is about, but I've tried looking for help on the web and even the official manufacturer's site isn't any help!

I have a real problem trying to get the revoice studio to work - I can't even get the Microphone calibration program to work - all I get is an error message up saying:

Runtime Error!

Program D:\common\win\bin\MicCheck.exe

abnormal program termination

My PC setup is as follows:

Athlon 2800+
120GB Hard Drive
Terratec DMX 24/96 Sound Card with Breakout box at the front where I am plugging in the Microphone to the Mic.In socket (also set the recording up on the soundcard properties section as well)

I'm stumped as the tree said to the lumberjack, is there anyone who's got any ideas?

Cheers for your help in advance!

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