Showing Times in Excel

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:32 10 Feb 2005

I am no expert in Excel but a friend has just sent me this and I quote...'I'm going round in ever decreasing circles. Could you please ask a help forum how to present a number as a time. For instance 37.93 should be about 37 hrs 54 minutes and look like 37:54 or 37.54, but the formating works on a 12 hour basis or god knows what. There must be a way of sorting it but it eludes me thanks,.

Anyone any ideas?


  bremner 19:38 10 Feb 2005

Asked a similar question some months ago

PC Moron gave me this which worked just fine.


  VoG II 19:42 10 Feb 2005

Excel works in 24h mode. The problem is that it does not like times greater than 24h. The solution, as bremner says, is to use the [hh] format to get the hours to display correctly.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:27 11 Feb 2005

Excellent! I thought that there was thread on this some time ago but the search didn't reveal it. I've posted the details to my friend.


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