gel 07:06 20 Nov 2005

Can I show my digital photos on TV by using a DVD player. If so how would I do it.
Thank you

  ICF 07:12 20 Nov 2005

Photo Story 3 click here

  Sharpamatt 08:23 20 Nov 2005

burn them to disk useing the software to creat a photo CD/DVD

  €dstowe 08:45 20 Nov 2005

An awful lot of photographs fit on a DVD. Wouldn't a CD be more appropriate?

  CLONNEN 09:00 20 Nov 2005

Make sure your TV's DVD player supports JPG photo CDs. Check the manual that came with it.

Also check if DVD player supports CDR / CDRW etc. so you don't burn the photos onto an incompatible disc.

  gel 10:07 20 Nov 2005

Thank you for comments.
I wish to produce a CD with my digital photos so that I can take the CD to a friends house and show the photo's on TV using a DVD player.
Do the suggestions still apply.
Referring to €dstowe comment, does this answer your query ?

  Hamish 10:11 20 Nov 2005

Try this program which allows you to add here

  g0nvs 10:20 20 Nov 2005

This one I find the best.
click here

  jack 11:06 20 Nov 2005

Of course you can - with most DVD players - but not all
As mantioned the Player has to be able to read JPEGS
Thewn manual /lable on the player will say.

Simple way no 1. simply load your images and burn[Assumimng your are using XP with its burning routine]
If you have a preferred order then rename the images using a 3 digit sequence -that is like this -
001.002.0033 etc.,
If you would like a slide show with music and titles and all that then download DVDPixPlay from click here

  gel 11:51 20 Nov 2005

Thank you 'jack' Yes I do have xp windows home edition.
Could you please advise how I burn with XP. Where is the programme?
I am nearly there now just a little more help and then should be on my way.

  GroupFC 15:10 20 Nov 2005

The easiest way to burn to cd using XP's buit in burning facility is as follows:-
Open windows explorer, navigate to the folder which contains the pictures, right click the picture and select "send to" and then select your cd drive.

If you want to select several pictures, hold down the shift button and click the first and last picture in the range and all the ones in between will also be selected. If you want to burn only a few selected pictures, hold down the control button when making the selection.

Once you have sent the files to CD writing, you should get a window open that says you have files to be written to CD, click on write these files to CD and follow the wizard.


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