showing photos in sequence

  Yimbo 18:54 01 Jul 2008

I've numbered a series of photos - 1- 100 - but when I view them I get No. 1 followed by No. 10, then No. 100 and so forth. How can I get them to show in strict numerical order? I'm using Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0

  alB 19:01 01 Jul 2008

Try numbering them 001 & up that should work ...alB

  chub_tor 19:29 01 Jul 2008

alB is correct it is the only way that you can get files in numerical sequence. It is a stupidity that has been around since Windows 3 and it still annoys me that I have to think about how many leading zeros I will need for a batch of pictures.

  jack 19:44 01 Jul 2008

To confirm what was said in 001 and 002
Takes you as far as 999
Is that enough or do you have to consider after that.
As an extra is by assembling the images one is on the wrong place- you cold drag it to the appropriate position and the numbers will move up one.
But in some instances this is not convenient - for example in a slide show
So here you can go Numeric/Alpha
like 001 002 003 004 004a 005 which will give an extra dimension

  Yimbo 00:23 02 Jul 2008

My thanks to you guys - - as always!

  Yimbo 00:58 02 Jul 2008

Sorry, guys - I've just re-numbered photos using 001, 002, 003 etc up to 00156 - but they are still coming out in the old sequence. Have I misunderstood something - or what? 001 is followed by 0010 and so on

  BT 08:30 02 Jul 2008

You need to keep a 3 figure sequence so when you get to 10 there is only 1 leading zero i.e. 010,011,012 etc. till you get to 099, then its 100,101 ....999. If you need more than this you have to use 4 figures starting 0001 and following the same rules.

  Yimbo 09:28 02 Jul 2008

Thanks BT for your clarification! I appreciate your help!

  Covergirl 12:29 02 Jul 2008

. . . . if you can get them in the right order to start with (by sorting on date/time perhaps), you can select the whole lot, right click and Rename then enter a suitable name (eg Holiday.jpg) into the first filename and both XP and Vista will sequentially name them as Holiday, Holiday(1), Holiday (2), Holiday (3) etc. These will then sort in numerical order apart from the first one (Holiday.jpg) which you will have to find and rename to Holiday (0).jpg.

  Yimbo 20:03 05 Jul 2008

Thanks Covergirl - for a really useful solution! Just what I needed!

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