Show file name and date in Word 2010

  johnincrete 10:11 31 Oct 2018

It would help me greatly to be able to relate a printed document to the file on the computer where it is stored and know the date it was last updated. In a previous version of Word, it was an easy "click" to insert file name but I cannot find how to do it in Word 2010. As usual, Microsoft Help does not help. Can anyone advise me please.

  compumac 14:46 31 Oct 2018

Insert/Quick Part/Field and then select the appropriate requirement.

I employ this to identify the document file name and the last date updated/printed

  Peter~24 20:02 31 Oct 2018


If you just want a quick way to insert the date and time into your current document then

"On the Insert tab, in the Text group, click Quick Parts, and then click Field. In the Categories box, select Date and Time." Date and Time is in the middle, on the right of the text group. This is for Word 2007, so I hope it is the same for Word 2010.

I agree that this type of thing used to be easier/more straight forward in older versions of Microsoft Word. I stuck with Word 97 for a long time because I had got used to it.


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