Shoutbox /tag boards question.

  T1Cybernetic 20:03 02 Jan 2005


I have my own webspace and tons of it and im wanting
to put a shoutbox /tag board onto one of my pages.

I've had a look around and cant seem to find anything thats remotely half decent other than remotely hosted ones but im not really wanting a remote hosted one i want one of my very own.

I've been googling for a couple of days and found nothing thats of any use to me so far so i thought id ask here and see if any of you were using one or know of any?

I dont know how to build one and i dont want anything too fancy i just want one that i can virtualy upload and run :) if thats at all possible.

  AragornUK 00:09 03 Jan 2005

Do you have any requirements scripting wise? eg PHP / java etc etc

  T1Cybernetic 00:47 03 Jan 2005

Not really, i have to admit im very very new to
web building, scripting etc but im a good
learner so i'll have a go at anything to
be honest, Do you have something in mind?

  AragornUK 12:13 03 Jan 2005

Not at the moment. I probably asked the wrong question. Does your webspace support web programming languages such as PHP / Perl etc? If it's hosting you're paying seperately for then it probably does, but to look for a suitable tagboard we need to know what type of hosting. If it supports PHP, then a board that uses ASP to run won't be of any use to you, and so on.

  T1Cybernetic 13:26 03 Jan 2005

Ahh well the thing is, i just want a pretty simple one that i can hopefully embed into a single webpage or similar if you get me? well maybe not one single webpage but you get the idea, as simple and easy to use and install as possible but without remote hosting etc i would much rather ftp one to some free space and have a go at editing the code myself for a few days till i was happy with the way it looks and feels etc rather than have to rely on a remote server hosting the raw files.

I hope im not asking too much because like i said im far from being in the know about websites and scripting etc i just fancied having a go at something different for a change if anything and the chance for people who visit the webpage to leave a few remarks or even have a full on chat etc.

I have found something called Only Shout which states that i do not need a db and no knowlege of web building but for the life of me i cannot get it to work? Perhaps you might know something about this or you would take a look at it for me if you have the time?

  AragornUK 14:28 03 Jan 2005

Ok, this COULD be partly what I mentioned above. Only Shout (if I've Googled the right one) is a PHP program. Does your webspace allow the use of PHP? I know these sound like pointless questions, but they're not - honest :o)

If you are using the webspace provided by whoever you connect to the internet with (NTL, Blueyonder, AOL, Wanadoo, BT etc etc) then chances are that you will not be able to use any form of PHP / Perl based scripts. If this is the case then, unless your host provides something similar as a ready to install option, your only option for a tagboard will be a remotely hosted one I'm afraid, since most if not all use some form of interactive script to process the tags. 14:40 03 Jan 2005

you should learn to crawl, before you start sprinting.

Why not learn a few basics first, and build a simple website to start with. When you have the hang of it then start looking at more intricate stuff.

I imagine that the reason you cannot get it to work, is that you have not grasped the baic concepts behind HTML and other scripting languages, and therefore dont know what is going wrong. I know from experience, that things become clearer if you work up from the basics.

Good luck anyway, Whiz...

  T1Cybernetic 14:42 03 Jan 2005

Yes i have a forum running on it right now that i've just re`installed due to some problems i've been having recently which cause me to loose alot of data etc but i didnt want the tagboard installed or in any way connected to the database if i could help it :( but by the looks of things it seems the only other alternative would be to use a remotely hosted one for the time being.

But im not giving up yet ;) another thing if you wish you can check out the forums here: click here

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