Should we sell Ad space

  bryrach 21:34 12 Oct 2004

I received this email re ad on our club site...

Hello, I'd like to advertise on your site.

My name is Tim and I am from I'm seeking sites to host a small text ad . Our site has a great reputation for customer service, as well as, being a safe and efficient way to buy NFL football tickets.

The ad consists of around 10 -15 words, three of these words linked back to our website. We prefer a flat amount, and durations from 3 months to 1 year. Ideally, the ad would run on your index page and couple of other pages. Of course, we are always open to suggestions. Please let me know what you would charge for this.

Thanks for your time; I look forward to your reply,

click here

I emailed them back and asked what value they thought a USA site selling tickets would gain from placing an ad on a small UK Soccer site.
They've offered £100 per annum. Anyone know anything about them?. We're proud of our site and as webmaster its a real labour of love. My concern is that if I accept this £100, and paste the data on to our site is their a possibility that after a year and we want to ditch it, will we be stuck with it? Could they embedd some kind of script that means we can't get rid of the ad.
Any comments would be really appreciated.

  Taran 21:53 12 Oct 2004

They can't embed any sort of script unless you give them access rights to do so. They would normally supply you with a code snippet which you would manually include on any page(s) the ad is to show on.

Since you are webmaster, you can remove the offending code in seconds if the content of the ad gets out of hand at all.

What you should be very careful about is any agreement of term and/or usage. I'd ask for a sample agreement document which should give you an idea of what they will demand for their year and £100 fee. You can't just go removing ads once you have agreed for them to be present on your site and accepted payment for it/them. Doing so could cost you deraly, depending on how their agreement is worded.

My rule of thumb: if in doubt do nowt.

My other rule of thumb: don't include ANYTHING on your site unless you really want it on there.

Ad scripts, by their very nature, often pull content from the parent site and so the code snippet may display something different every time a visitor clicks on your page. It could be a banner, text or whatever, but I think to even consider this for a moment you need a lot of very details information.

A year is a long time in many respects, and is a very long time to have to continue using ads that you have obligated yourself to.

Tread carefully.

  bryrach 23:12 12 Oct 2004


Many thanks for your response. You've really just confirmed what I was already thinking i.e. is it worth the hassle for £100? As our sight is aimed at our many youth members the fact that they could divert surfers to any type of web content would make us very wary of entering into such agreements. Thanks.
PS Are these requests to site administrators common?

  spuds 10:40 14 Oct 2004

Depending on the content of the host site, these offers can increase.The people who wish to use your site are usually very knowledgable on internet circulation ratios and value for money returns. They are not going to offer you great rewards from possible link backs to their site. You may also have the disadvantage of a very well worded contract, which could commit you to long term issues. These are things worthy of a serious consideration, and I would strongly suggest that you have a legal consultation with someone who is very knowledgable on contract law before you commit yourself.

I would further suggest for consideration, that your site could have certain intrusions like pop-ups that your present viewers and users are not going to be very pleased about.All for £100.00!.

  Forum Editor 18:23 14 Oct 2004

strict terms and conditions for such ads - any competent person could do it in ten minutes. Thge real problem can come from the fact that you don't have any control over the content of linked sites, and that's where you need to be careful. Often it can be more beneficial to you, as the site owner, to have a reciprocal link instead of (or in addition to) payment, as that could have a very beneficial effect on your site traffic.

Think carefully before rejecting this approach out of hand, although it does seem odd that another site would want to sell tickets for the NASCAR Ford 400 at Miami Speedway via a UK soccer site - does your site have a .com url by any chance?

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