Should we change our router?

  Heckmotor 16:46 05 Jun 2008

I haven't caught anyone's attention on the general Helproom forum, so thought I'd ask here...

My wife (and CEO of our business) recently arranged an upgrade of our sluggish rural broadband service from BT, in the expectation that our speed would be ramped up with no input from us, but we've now been sent a 'BT Business Hub' that we wern't expecting as part of the deal. We already run wirelessly through a DrayTek Vigor 2800G ADSL2/2+ security router, installed by an IT consultant that we'd rather not re-use or ask any further advice from.

My question is: what, if any, advantage will the BT hub offer us over the existing router, and will changing over to it be a straightforward DIY proposition? We are confident, competent pc users, but not techies, and live in fear of compromising our business connectivity.

Incidentally, there's only two of us, currently using one desktop, three laptops and a printer.

  Forum Editor 17:48 05 Jun 2008

got the BT hub for nothing. Mine just arrived one day, so I thought I would give it a spin. I've used it ever since - it works just as well as my previous Belkin N router, but no better.

The answer to your second question is yes, it will be easy to install and configure - just follow the instructions. Once it's up and running leave it switched on, it may glitch if you turn it off, and will require a reset.

Otherwise give it a try - today's routers/hubs are a breeze to set up.

  Heckmotor 21:50 05 Jun 2008

Thanks for your response, Mr Forum Editor. I'm thinking, then, that the improved speed that we've signed up for isn't dependent on setting up the BT hub in place of our DrayTek? I might put off making the change for a bit, then. Thanks again.

  ajm 08:17 06 Jun 2008

"Thanks for your response, Mr Forum Editor" How do you know the Forum Editor is a he - he could easily be a she.

As the FE said, the BT Hub and most routers are relatively easy to set up. In fact I had the opportunity to play with the router settings at a dental surgery and found that it had a lot features that are missing from other routers.

  Heckmotor 08:36 06 Jun 2008 do I know, Mrs/Ms/Mr ajm? An inspired guess, I suppose, unless you know better!

I'd be interested to know what the extra features were that you found with the BT hub, and whether my DrayTek router has any or all of them, because there's little point in making a change for change's sake.

  Kemistri 17:40 06 Jun 2008

You have a 2800G, which is a decent router that obviously works for you right now, so why not just keep the Hub as a spare just in case? Familiarise yourself with its basic workings in case you ever need it unexpectedly.

  Forum Editor 18:10 06 Jun 2008

I am a 'he'.

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